About Us

Jeff Hill has always been fascinated with residential construction. His first job was as a young laborer for an established builder. During his first days on the job, he was analyzing the processes and trying to achieve more efficiency and quality. He spent the next six years working for other builders and lumber yards, and learned to respect builders with integrity, quality control, and customer service.

In 1982, Jeff decided to start his own company, Hill Builders. He was an energetic young man with a dream to build custom homes that were energy efficient, constructed of quality materials, provided easy livability for the owners, and were aesthetically pleasing.

In 1988, Jeff met his wife and business partner Tammy. She grew up in a family of perpetual remodelers, decorators, and home and garden dreamers. She toured open houses for entertainment, and had a collection of house plan books that were proudly displayed next to Shakespeare on her dorm room shelves. Theirs is an ideal match: Tammy tirelessly searches for the perfect plan. Jeff dissects the structural design, and works with Tammy and her CAD program to implement the changes needed to ensure a custom fit for the project. She selects the kitchen design, finish materials, flooring, and paint, consulting with professionals and trade publications. The result is a home that has continuity, current designs and finishes, and convenient features that make the demands of everyday life easier.

Through the years, Hill Builders has tried to remain true to Jeff’s vision. In fact, its motto states: Building dreams from the ground up since 1982. Jeff and Tammy not only listen to the ideas and dreams of their customers, but they guide them through one of the biggest challenges of their lives. They are honest and reliable, and go out of their way to build the best home possible.

Hill Builders has built custom residential homes, from excavation to completion. They have worked with committee members building church additions. Jeff and Tammy have given complete interior and exterior remodels to retail and office spaces, breathing new life into the businesses. They have remodeled homes to meet the changing needs of families, and created fresh spaces in which owners can fall in love with their homes again.

Hill Builders relocated to Laurel Montana in 2007. Jeff and Tammy saw the need for high quality, affordable housing in the Billings area. They are constantly working on more efficient floor plans that will suit the needs of young families as well as empty nesters.

They research subdivisions to ensure their customers will have a safe, secure, naturally beautiful neighborhood in a convenient location. They carefully study each lot for the views, wind, and sun exposure, and then select the best plan to maximize all the assets of the lot.

Hill Builders is proud of the quality homes they build. Most importantly, they cherish the lasting friendships they form with their customers.

After all, they have been “Building Dreams from the Ground up since 1982”

The architect should strive continually to simplify; the ensemble of the rooms should then be carefully considered that comfort and utility may go hand in hand with beauty.
-Frank Lloyd Wright